Wood Winks Large



Characters pictured left to right:
Woodter, Boswood, ‘Ol Poplar, or Louie

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Represents what exists in all living things-the seed of the soul. These candles wear an expression that lets us in on their soul, their struggles, their emotions and what brings them joy. Feeling we all can relate to. Get to know their names and spirits. Light the wick and watch their souls come alive. The WINK reminds us all “Life is Good. Carry On.”

Burn instructions:
Remove tag. Burn until melt pool is 1 ¼” long, blow out, let harden, re-light. Once you’ve burned down below marble- use tealight (wax or battery) to continue their wink. You can also drill out using 1 ½” paddle bit to drill out for tealight use.


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